Nicast Technology Main Benefits

A wide range
of shapes
Tight control
of the size
All stable or
biodegradable materials
Porosity range
A large variety
of additives

Electrospinning Technology

Nicast’s highly versatile electrospinning technology allows the development of a wide range of products and devices, with tailored composition, geometry and morphology. Almost any natural or synthetic polymer can be electrospun to create a nanofibrous mat.

The intrinsic structure of the electrospun products, which mimics the natural extra cellular matrix (ECM), encourages quick and efficient tissue integration and minimizes medical complications.

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About Nicast

Nicast is an innovative nanotechnology company focused on the development and manufacturing of electrospun medical products.

Nicast has a broad IP portfolio covering the development of implantable medical devices made of electrospun polymer nanofabrics. Nicast has long identified the significant potential of combining electrospinning nanotechnology and biomaterials for a wide range of medical applications.

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