AVflo at the INTERHOSPITAL meeting in Bangkok

December 15th, 2017

The INTERHOSPITAL meeting in Bangkok attracted many vascular surgeons from all over Thailand. Although not the main theme of the conference, vascular access for dialysis patients played here an important role.

Nicast’s booth was frequented by many vascular surgeons who already tried AVflo and wished to share their experience, which was very positive. Several issues concerning the correct way to implant AVflo were mentioned and discussed. As before we learned, that choosing the right graft-configuration for every specific patient, using a pudh-through tunneler, trimming the graft correctly before creating the anastomosis and creating along (>2cm) venous anastomosis are important factors, influencing the graft’s longevity. Nicast’s partner in Thailand, “Prompt Serve”, is ready to supply the growing need for a viable, early-cannulation, self-sealing solution for the benefit of dialysis patients throughout the country.