Three (3) Year Experience with AVflo Presented at CX 2018, London

May 5th, 2018

Dr. Jerzy Glowinski from Bialystok, Poland presented his 3-year results with AVflo nanofibrous AV-Graft by Nicast designed for dialysis patients. Dr. Glowinski presented a cohort of 34 patients, most of them had at least one risk factor for non-maturation of an autogenous fistula (AVF). Seven (7) revisions were done during the entire follow up period resulting in an overall calculated primary patency of 79.4% and secondary patency of 82.4% over 3 years. Only one infection occurred in a patient with a compromised immune system (Leukemia). Dr. Glowinski summarizes that “the graft… is a reliable, easy to implant, easy to cannulate and a long lasting alternative to tunneled CVC”.

Dr. Glowinski at CX 2018